Akwa Ibom State Unveils Vibrant 36th Anniversary Logo

By Edikan David

UYO – In a momentous event, the Akwa Ibom State Government unveiled the official logo for its upcoming 36th Anniversary celebration, showcasing a vibrant design that encapsulates the spirit of unity and progress. The logo, a creation of the Brand Management and Marketing Department of the Governor’s office, features 36 stars and the colors of the state flag, green and orange, along with the inspiring slogan, “Akwa Ibom celebrates 36, rising together.” At the center of the design proudly sits the map of the state, symbolizing unity and togetherness.

The Chairman of the Central Planning Committee of the Anniversary Planning Committee and Secretary to the State Government, Prince Enobong Uwah, presided over the logo’s official launch at his conference hall. During the ceremony, he urged all organizations planning events to commemorate the anniversary to incorporate the logo in their activities, emphasizing its significance as a unifying symbol for the state.

The logo’s 36 stars represent not only the 36 years of Akwa Ibom’s existence but also the diversity and unity of its people. The choice of the state’s flag colors, green and orange, symbolizes growth, prosperity, and the vibrant cultural heritage of Akwa Ibom. The slogan, “Akwa Ibom celebrates 36, rising together,” embodies the state’s commitment to collective progress and development.

The launch of the logo marks the beginning of the countdown to the 36th Anniversary celebration, which promises to be a memorable event filled with various activities, including cultural displays, educational programs, and community initiatives. The logo will be prominently featured throughout the celebration, serving as a visual reminder of the state’s rich history and bright future.

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As the anniversary approaches, residents and organizations are expected to embrace the logo as a symbol of unity and pride, reinforcing the state’s dedication to growth and development.

For more information and updates on the 36th Anniversary celebration, please visit the official Akwa Ibom State Government website.

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