Brothers Set For War In Akwa Ibom State

… As Ekid People Vow To Respond To Repeated Unprovoked Atacks By Ibeno

By Joseph Ekong

The People of Ekid nation have acknowledge an invitation to war by Ibeno people and have vowed to respond in equal and even greater dinension after assessing the terms of the war invitation.

The President General of Ekid Peoples Union Dr. Samuel Udonsak made this known to the Press shortly after an emergency meeting of the Ekid people held yesterday at the National Secretariat of the body along Esuene way in Eket.

The President General explained that the meeting became very important after Ibeno people in quick succession invaded Ekid land at stubbs creek, maltreated Ekid citizens, tortured them and eventually abducted them. A situation he described as unacceptable, disturbing and invitation to retaliation.

Udonsak speaking further said, he can no longer guarantee the Patience of Ekid people as it is becoming obvious that the security agencies are helpless leaving the Ekid people with no option than to resort to self help.

He said, Ekid people are running out of patience over these incessant attacks

Recounting instances of the provocations, the President recalled that on August 2nd, 2023, about 15 Ekid indigenes were held in captive and on August 14, 2023, the same issue repeated itself with 7 Ekid people being seized again after some Ibeno people encroached the land, crossed boundary to demand for royalty in Akoiyak community which perpetually belongs to Ekid people.


It could be recalled also that the Esit Urua people in their bravery had to wadeoff the attack from rampaging Ibeno mercenaries about two months ago. A situation Ekid Elders says have been thoroughly documented.

“It happened sometimes ago that thugs from Ibeno came to Akoiyak and made unnecessary demand undue, and then subjected Ekid people to torture.

“We approached that in a peaceful way hoping that will end, but we received report of another attack on Monday of our people being attacked again”.

“It is distressful to us as we continue to receive reports of attacks by Ibeno people and crossing boundary to demand for royalty from our people residing in Akoiyak our ancestral home”.

“I want it be known that they have declared war on us and we will respond proportionately and even on a greater dimension to their provocations after processing the terms of our response” the President said.

Some of the rescued victims who spoke to the Press narrated the situation revealing that one Mr. Omole Martins who is identified as an SIB agent with the contact number 08037482685 aided the attack and that they were helpless at that point for a counter-attack.

Also, another security agent of the SIB by name Godwin with the contact 08121438544, before he was relocated was a conspirator to several arrests and attacks of Ekid people.

Speaking, one of them said, “some youths of Ibeno came to Akoiyak to demand for royalty by our people and we told them that the land belongs to us. You have no right to come and ask for rent here in our land. I grew to see my grand parents living in Akoiyak and they had at no time pay any rent to anyone, so we cannot pay you people rent”.

“We have been attacked several times and even the security officer Mr. Godwin, identified as an SIB agent too in the area before the present one Omole has been abetting these attacks on us and because we are few, we can’t resist their numbers, so it means that they want to fight us in our own land”, he stated.

Victims of the first attack also noted that, they were tied up with a piece of rag on their face, so they can’t identify the area they’re being taken to, chained and forced inside the booth of the car.

The peaceful protest by Ekid people on Monday raised an alarm and the second victims of attack were released on hearing the plan reaction by Ekid people. As at last night, not all kidnapped victims of Ekid origin were rescued as Ekid says they will continue the search for her kidnapped kinsmen and will ensure they get to the bottom of the matter and take their own pound of flesh.

There is so much tension, and war seems to be brewing.

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