Canadian High Commissioner Vows to Strengthen Business and Migration Ties with Nigeria

By Ochuko Kokofe in Canada 


In a recent interactive session with the media, Dr. Jamie Christoff, the Canadian High Commissioner to Nigeria, affirmed his commitment to intensify efforts to bolster business relations between Canada and Nigeria. Dr. Christoff emphasized the importance of encouraging more Canadian companies to explore the vast business opportunities in Nigeria, recognizing the country’s position as the second-largest economy on the African continent and its significant domestic consumer market.

“Our focus through the Canadian High Commission in Lagos is to build and strengthen trade opportunities,” Dr. Christoff stated. “Nigeria is Canada’s largest trading partner in Africa and the largest African investor in Canada. We are dedicated to ensuring that our business relationships are mutually beneficial.”

Dr. Christoff praised the unique energy, dynamism, and entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians, which he finds particularly inspiring. “The vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit in Nigerians are unmatched in many other African countries, making my tenure here exceptionally rewarding,” he said.

Discussing immigration, Dr. Christoff noted that Nigeria is the fifth largest source of immigrants to Canada, with many Nigerians migrating for work or study. “This migration serves as a bridge between our countries,” he remarked. “Canada is a country built by immigrants, and we take pride in our diversity, which unites us. We remain open to all immigrants.”

The High Commissioner highlighted Canada’s Express Entry program, designed to facilitate the migration of skilled workers to meet the country’s economic needs. He acknowledged recent changes to the student visa program, driven by housing shortages in Canada. “The Canadian government is actively addressing these housing challenges to ensure everyone has access to housing,” he assured.

Recently, Dr. Christoff emphasized the importance of partnering with the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) to create a mutually beneficial framework for migration management between Canada and Nigeria. “Our collaboration with NiDCOM aims to manage migration more effectively and ensure it benefits both nations,” he explained.

The initiatives led by Dr. Christoff and the Canadian High Commission are set to further solidify and enhance the commercial and cultural ties between Canada and Nigeria, promising growth and mutual benefits for both countries

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