The Honourable Commissioner for Information, Comrade Ini Ememobong has resumed duties with the charge on Information Officers to effectively market the Arise Agenda of the Governor Umo Eno-led administration.

Comrade Ini Ememobong who resumed just in time to celebrate July-born staff of the Ministry, said the present administration is pivoting its economic development blueprint on the A-R-I-S-E Agenda which he said is an acronym for the different sectors of the economy and urged all the staff to market the ARISE Agenda to the populace to gain wider reach and adaptation.

Stating that, the ARISE Agenda is a well crafted economic blueprint which has been validated by the people of the State in a representative capacity during the just concluded “Akwa Ibom Dialogue”, the Information Commissioner listed the sectors captured by the acronym ARISE to include: Agriculture  Rural Development, Infrastructural Maintenance, Security management and Educational  advancement disclosing that the blueprint is to be widely publicised for public enlightenment and awareness.

He stressed the need for all Information Officers who are Ambassadors of the Ministry and indeed the purveyors of government information to be fully knowledgeable on the economic blueprint as Governor Umo Eno is in a hurry to energize the rural dwellers, reinvigorate Agriculture, boost entrepreneurs and indeed all sectors of the State.

Ememobong congratulated the July-born staff and pledged his commitment towards boosting  staff morale and welfare for enhanced performance and productivity.

Responding on behalf of the July-born staff, the Director of Information and Dean of Directors in the Ministry, Mrs Blessing Urua, expressed deep appreciation to the Information Commissioner for celebrating staff right on his first official resumption day.

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