Controversy: Producer Mike Bamiloye, tells us who a genuine Christian is

Who is a genuine Christian? Well in case you didn’t know, music producer Joshua Mike Bamiloye, the son of popular film-maker Mike Bamiloye, founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry, has declared that, a genuine Christian shouldn’t be found attending Rema, Wizkid, or Davido Concerts!

The film-maker’s son took to his Twitter page to state his conviction.

In a multi-complex world however, Joshua was also quick to add that, he does not expect everyone to agree with him.

So he pointed out that truly, if you are a Christian you should know that you are not supposed to attend such concerts because, the Holy Spirit will guide you right not and advice you correctly, not to attend such.

But ofcourse and expectedly, his post has generated even more controversy than never.

So who indeed is a genuine Christian? Is it those that attend Rema, Wizkid, and Davido Concerts, or those that do not?


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