Ekiti Government Throws Weight On IPADA Initiative And IPADA Carnival

* Ekiti State Governor, Mr Biodun Oyebanji


The Office of the Governor of Ekiti State State has thrown its weight behind IPADA Initiative and IPADA Carnival.

In a letter signed by Ambassador Wale Ojo Lanre, the Director-General of Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development, Office of the Governor, titled: Partnership Letter For IPADA Initiative and IPADA Carnival, the Director-General stated that: “This event aims to foster a connection between the African continent and people of African origin living in the Diaspora, who have largely become disconnected from the continent due to historical events.

“In line with the vision of Ekiti State Governor for sustainable tourism development and creating an enabling environment that showcases Ekiti tourism potentials, the Ekiti State Government through the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development, is pleased to announce a partnership with the organisers of the IPADA Initiative and IPADA Carnival.”

* Wale Ojo Lanre

The letter stated further that Ekiti State is positioned “as a gateway through which the Diaspora can access various parts of the continent including Nigeria. The IPADA Initiative and IPADA Carnival are projected to generate significant economic benefits, especially in terms of foreign exchange income from tourists, youth employment opportunities, grassroots stakeholders participation and inclusion of local entrepreneurs.

“Ekiti State government fully supports this laudable initiative, recognizing its potential to contribute to tourism development and the social inclusion of youths at the grassroot level. The Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development through the office of the Director-General, is committed to working with you to ensure to the success of the IPADA Initiative and IPADA Carnival, achieving their goals and generating the envisioned economic and social benefits for Lagos State and Africa at large,” said Wale Ojo Lanre.

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