From Ghana with love: Queku JJ Out With “Biibi Nti”

Biibi Nti” is a highlife song by Queku JJ that addresses the challenges and harsh realities faced by the youth, particularly in relation to poverty and its effects.

The song highlights how, many young people are unable to confront life’s challenges directly and instead resort to negative coping mechanisms like alcoholism and drug abuse.

Queku JJ calls on a higher power, referencing God, to intervene and help guide him away from these detrimental paths caused by poverty, so he can regain his focus on his dreams and aspirations.

The song’s title “Biibi Nti” suggests that these struggles are happening “because of something” or “for a reason.”

The lyrics seem to reflect on the reasons behind the choices young people make when faced with difficult circumstances.

Musically, the song is categorized as a highlife jam, a genre that originated in West Africa and is characterized by its fusion of traditional African rhythms and Western musical elements.

The soothing nature of the song’s melody might contrast with the weight of the lyrics, creating a bittersweet emotional experience for the listener.

Overall, “Biibi Nti” appears to be a commentary on the socio-economic challenges faced by the youth, emphasizing the impact of poverty on their choices and decisions, and expressing a desire for divine intervention to lead them toward a more positive path.


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