Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom, has announced the release of N1 billion being the first tranche of the State government donation to augment the palliatives package received from the Federal Government. He has also assured that the commencement of distribution of palliatives to residents of the State will begin on Monday September 4, 2023.

Addressing Government House Correspondents, the Governor also announced the approval of N2 billion as another tranche for the payment of gratuities to retired teachers in both the state and local government service, reaffirming his commitment to the execution of One Project Per Local Government Area Initiative.

Governor Eno spoke of this gesture as a quick fix by the state government to ameliorate the sufferings of the people as a result of the hardship occasioned by the fuel subsidy removal. “I am sure each village will get between at least 50 bags. We will give to the Hausa community, Yoruba community, Igbo community, Niger Delta community, and all of the security services and all other people that may not be able to get to villages. They are not village people but they are also part of us in Akwa Ibom”.

On gratuity payment, the Governor had this to say: “We have approved another line of gratuity to the teachers, we have approved to the local Government and to the State. That is two billion. That is from the state coffers. We want to do one project per local government so as to help ensure that we provide jobs for our young people. These are the quick fix measures we are doing. Don’t forget there is a short, medium and long term packages in the deliveryof our palliatives”.

On a failed attempt by a handful of sponsored youths to stage a needless protest in Uyo, yesterday, he said that the State government has gathered intelligence on a certain opposition politicians trying to disrupt the peace in the state and warned that his government will never allow a breach of the peace that the State is known for and which all Akwa Ibom people and residents have enjoyed over the years. He cautioned the youths to be wary of such people.


“Let us understand that Akwa Ibom is for all of us. This State is peaceful and we intend to continue to drive that narrative, to do everything to make sure that our state is peaceful.

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