Gov Eno To Send Out Youths For Skill Acquisition In Agric Tech

31 young individuals from Akwa Ibom State will receive training in Songhai agricultural technology in Cotonou, Benin Republic. This initiative is part of the A.R.I.S.E. Agenda blueprint of the Akwa Ibom State government, aiming to revolutionize agriculture in the region.

Governor Umo Eno made this announcement upon his return from an official trip to explore agricultural investment opportunities. He expressed his admiration for the Songhai farm and its potential for replication in their state. Stressing the importance of commitment, Governor Eno highlighted that the success of Songhai is rooted in unwavering dedication.

The governor plans to select committed individuals from each of the 31 local government areas to undergo a two-month training program at Songhai. These trainees will join the existing group of 15 youths who have already been trained for work on the farm. Reflecting on his prior efforts, Governor Eno shared that he personally trained 15 individuals during his campaign. Now, he intends to expand the training program to accommodate an additional 31 participants, bringing the total to around forty.

Governor Eno emphasized the significance of having committed young leaders involved in the project. He expressed confidence in the dedication of Akwa Ibom youths following their training at Songhai. The governor believes that these trainees will acquire the necessary technological skills to contribute to the establishment of a successful farm in the state.


Furthermore, Governor Eno visited the Dakkada Luxurious Estate site in Uyo, where he urged contractors to work diligently towards realizing the government’s vision for the housing sector.

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