Governor Oyebanji Drags NBA Ado Ekiti Branch to Arinta Waterfall for a much-needed Rest and Relaxation

Governor Oyebanji, in a bid to promote the well-being and relaxation of lawyers in the Ado Ekiti Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), has advised the Director-General of the Bureau of Tourism Development, Barrister Wale Ojo-Lanre, to organize a refreshing retreat for the hardworking legal professionals at the picturesque Arinta Waterfall in Ipole Iloro Ekiti.

This advice came upon the request of the Committee members of the 2024 Law Week, Nigerian Bar Association, Ado Ekiti Branch led by Mrs Abigail Aladejare, Esq, Chairman, Law Week Committee which paid a visit to the Director – General, Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development.

Governor Oyebanji, recognizing the immense workload placed on lawyers as they tirelessly seek legal solutions and fight for justice on behalf of their clients, stressed the importance of taking regular breaks to banish stress and rejuvenate the mind. He enthusiastically recommended that the DG Bureau of Tourism Development should lead the learned men to unwind at Arinta Waterfall, Ipole Iloro, Ekiti one of the perfect setting for this much-needed respite.

Arinta Waterfall, known for its enchanting beauty and serene atmosphere, provides the ideal backdrop for lawyers to escape the pressures of their legal careers and immerse themselves in the calming embrace of nature.

With its cascading waters and lush surroundings, the waterfall offers a sanctuary where the legal minds of Ado Ekiti Branch can unwind and re-energize.

The Chairman of the NBA Ado Branch, Mr. L. A. Fasanmi, expressed his gratitude to Governor Oyebanji for his visionary idea.

He acknowledged the dedication of lawyers in tirelessly championing the cause of justice and embracing their responsibilities.

Mr. Fasanmi emphasized the importance of self-care and stressed that the retreat to Arinta Waterfall would provide much-needed solace, allowing the lawyers to return to their work with renewed vigor and focus.

With Governor Oyebanji’s guidance and the support and cooperation of the NBA Ado Ekiti Branch, the retreat to Arinta Waterfall promises to be a memorable experience. The legal professionals will have the opportunity to connect with nature and unwind in the midst of breathtaking beauty.

The Ado Ekiti Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association looks forward to this incredible retreat and extends its sincere appreciation to Governor Oyebanji for prioritizing the well-being of its members.

About Governor Oyebanji:
Governor Oyebanji who is the Governor of Ekiti State is
a visionary leader dedicated to the prosperity and well-being of the people of Ekiti State. He champions initiatives aimed at promoting the welfare and happiness of all residents.

About NBA Ado Ekiti Branch:
NBA Ado Ekiti Branch is a dynamic and vibrant association of legal professionals committed to the pursuit of justice and upholding the rule of law.

About Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development :
Ekiti State of Tourism Development is the official Governing Body for Tourism in Ekiti State with the primary mission to foster sustainable tourism development that not only stimulates economic growth but also preserves and enhances Ekiti’s natural and tourism resources.
Contact : +2348033490986

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