Island Club: Down Memory Lane

No doubt, Island Club is one of the oldest multinational clubs in Nigeria. Even Wikipedia agrees with that.

The early members were elite Nigerians, mostly Lagos based “politicians, lawyers, captains of industry, soldiers and other professionals.” And foreigners who, according to Wikipedia included the British Governor-General of Nigeria, Sir Arthur Richards.

Today, we bring you a memory which dates back to 1950.

Please look closely at the above photo. Who can you identify (laugh).

If you can’t identify them, we will help you!

* In the Centre is late Chief J K Randle (Chairman). To his left is late Chief Ernest Ikoli followed by late Chief Adeyemi .O. Lawson.

Standing diagonally behind Chief J K Randle on the left is Chief Dr Flavius Abiola Akerele, to his right is Chief and to left of Chief Lawson is Mr Smith of LEDB, next to him is Chief Mobolaji Bank-Anthony. Present in the photograph are Chief Ladi Moore on the extreme right seated and behind him is Bashorun J K Randle’s uncle Pilotu Akerele (Layi, Turie and Afolabi’s father).

So how did you score?

If you got all the names correctly to match the persons in the photo, please contact us for your prize.

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