London Jewellery Shop Lures Nigerians With Fabulous Discounts 

Localkettlebrothersuk ... The London Luxury Specialist shop is offering fabulous discounts to Nigerians on every product purchased.
Guess what! Since the season turned around, Nigerians have been shopping at this highbrow luxury shop, picking up impressive Christmas luxury gifts for their loved ones.
“It’s amazing the taste of Nigerians. They surely love good things, and once they see where their taste is, that’s where they shop,” said Stephenie McCartney,” a frequent shopper at the store.
“No wonder Davido shops here!” Said Damilola Yusufu, a young Nigerian student, who said he comes in from Birmingham to the London shop every now and then to pick one of their products.

Localkettlebrothersuk.. The London Luxury Specialist

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