Loveth Patra Unveils Celebrity Global Fight in Spectacular Press Conference

In a dazzling display of strength and determination a two time MMA champion, DSP Loveth Patra Ekufu known as the Nigerian Terminator, captivated audiences at a press conference, unveiling her latest project, Celebrity Global Fight, which will run from Nov 29th to December 3rd 2024.
The Nigerian Terminator spoke passionately. She said the project aims to create a platform where high profile individual, top celebrities and sport personnel, can connect.
She said, she intends to create an impact in the society, creating a platform to ensure a crime-free society. In addition, she said the event is opened to everyone that those that are qualified will be brought out in the grand finale.
She thanked the media, noting that the love is massive, adding that the event would be fun-filled, as her foundation has started supporting the female gender in boxing.
Vice president of PMAN Mr Zaaki Azzay in his message, congratulated the Nigerian police for giving her the platform. He said what they are doing here today should not end here, that everyone should support and encourage her the more. “Sports is the only thing that unites,” he said.
President of kick boxing, Mr Okon Godwin, gave his own view about Loveth,   what she has been doing in kick boxing , “we are celebrating a champion, a national champion and a two time world champion. We want to groom women into limelight, we want to take them out of crime, prostitution and other bad things, not just the female gender but also men.”
Some of the special guests present at the event were: Nollywood actress Eno Udo, Mr Zaaki Azzay, Chairman Emeritus Amb, Dr Moji Oyetayo, Amb Dr Chris Akwarandu and female record owner Mecfanny who gave their remarks on how they can mobilize brands and corporate bodies for support.
Mecfanny the CEO of mecfanny music stated that it’s a plus-winning for the female gender, to see more women making great success. It’s something to be proud of. She therefore called on the govt and corporate bodies to support Loveth as it will be a plus for Nigeria, for a woman fighting kick boxing.
An award was presented to DSP Loveth Patra Ekufu for her outstanding performance on behalf of CMC Africa. Ambassador Cornel Udofia, gave a vote of thanks, thanking all, for honoring the invitation and making the event possible.

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