National Troupe Set For Kano State Presentation

The National Troupe of Nigeria is set to stage *Akwai Mafita* in Kano, in a Community Theatre engagement in two local government areas of Kano State from Monday 3rd to Tuesday 4th June 2024.

The National Troupe of Nigeria (NTN) finds it relevant to artistically and creatively communicate the message of the President’s ‘Renewed Hope Agenda’ to resonate at the grassroots level of Nigeria. Therefore, NTN decided to launch its initiative of reaching out to the public in Kano state with the hope of replicating it in all parts of the nation.

The story, presented in an entertaining form of dance, drama and music, that recounts the present-day realities of prevailing socio-economic conditions resulting in making people to confront difficulties in different aspects of life. Invariably, rays of hope are shown, in an innovative manner, to appease and make people to anticipate and patiently await a bright and better future for all Nigerians under the banner of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s ‘Renewed Hope Agenda’.

Through this initiative, the National Troupe is employing the tool of performing arts to address socio-economic challenges whilst seeking to calm nerves through the message of hope.

The NTN has partnered with Moving Image Ltd. to deliver this noble dance-drama.

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