NIDMECORP Organisation UK Cautions On Nigeria’s Diplomatic Imperative

… Says Its Time To Leverage Expertise and Investment for Economic Growth 

The NIDMECORP Organisation UK, has called on the Nigerian government to position more career Diplomats for posting as ambassadors especially those that can play important roles on the investments generated and attracted lately.

In a release signed by Nationals in Diaspora Mentoring Corp, the organisation noted the urgency of appointing those with negotiations skills, knowledge of trade and investment with global diplomatic understanding as many leading nations are strongly focusing on such policies.

As Nigeria positions itself on the global stage, the pressing need for astute diplomatic representation and strategic partnerships has become more evident than ever. The pivotal question arises: which cadre – career diplomats or political appointees – is best suited to drive the nation’s diplomatic efforts and attract crucial investment?

A recent survey conducted by an international foreign organization sheds light on this debate. The findings revealed a divide: 50% advocated for career diplomats, 17% favored political appointees, and 33% believed the effectiveness largely hinged upon the individual in question. Within the Embassy’s Barometer, 50% of respondents favored professionals as superior ambassadors. The remaining 50% comprised those who believed in individual efficacy or preferred political appointees.

Nigeria, post-elections, witnesses a surge of aspirants vying for positions within national agencies, parastatals, and coveted international appointments. The nation, both at home and within the diaspora, eagerly anticipates these appointments, recognizing the critical need to attract investors and investments, a facet even staunch partners like Britain, major Middle East countries take seriously.

For instance, the United Kingdom, led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, actively courts foreign firms, hosting events like the Global Investment Summit 2023 and the coming UK Africa Investments Summit. Despite the UK’s economic prowess and governance stability, they persistently tailor offers and policies to entice foreign partners. Nigeria, as Africa’s financial hub and GDP leader, stands at a crucial juncture to harness its potential through strategic appointments and adept diplomatic maneuvers.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s recent engagements, such as the Nigeria-India Presidential Roundtable and Conference, yielded substantial investments, with commitments totaling billions of dollars. Prominent entities like Shell Group, Indorama Petrochemical Limited, Jindal Steel and Power Limited, and the Hinduja Group of Companies expressed substantial interest in investing in various Nigerian sectors, promising a prosperous future for the nation’s economy.

However, merely securing promises isn’t enough; translating these commitments into tangible advancements demands a strategic deployment of adept diplomats, skilled trade negotiators, and seasoned marketers. This necessitates Nigeria to entrust its diplomatic corps and political figures known for their expertise with the responsibility of advocating Nigeria’s brand in today’s intricate diplomatic landscape. Apart from that the Diaspora Nigerians have been a pillar of strength through their yearly more than £20 billion remittances and such too need a person that understood their capacities and abilities.

President Tinubu, during his diplomatic forays, has emphasized Nigeria’s unparalleled potential for investment returns and commitment to fostering a favorable business environment. Yet, the challenge lies in the effective execution and continual engagement to manifest these promises into substantial outcomes.

In the diplomatic realm, the debate between career diplomats and political appointees persists. While political appointees may wield superior political access, the multifaceted nature of bilateral and multilateral diplomacy often necessitates the nuanced expertise of career diplomats. Additionally, the appointment of professionals to key positions also fosters morale and career progression within foreign services. This is where Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Honourable Minister Yusuf Maitama Tuggar and been a former Ambassador plays a vital and super important key role.

On his part, Commandant Alistair, a former Global leader of Nigerians in Diaspora and Mentoring Commandant NIDMECORP, noted further that Nigeria’s economic potential and the need for strategic diplomatic prowess isn’t merely about rhetoric; it’s about a concrete plan of action. Leveraging the best minds within Nigeria’s diplomatic corps and political echelons can pave the way for broader diplomatic gains, fostering a conducive environment for sustained economic development and growth.

As President Tinubu aptly remarked during his visit to Saudi Arabia, Nigeria aspires to be the beacon illuminating Africa’s path to progress. The nation seeks to create a fertile ground for investments, ensuring seamless processes and robust partnerships that benefit not just Nigeria but the global community at large.

The road ahead demands a judicious blend of diplomatic finesse, expertise, and unwavering commitment to realize Nigeria’s immense potential. The time is ripe for Nigeria to chart its diplomatic course wisely, aligning its best talents and strategies to secure the investments vital for its economic resurgence.

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