Olo Omi Dan Bata hits entertainment world with new single

… Creates Out-Of-This-World Dance Step ‘Jamije’

In a very daring move, music sensation Olo Omi Dan Bata who is also popularly known as Olo, will be gifting the world a new single, which music pundits already say will rock the entertainment world to the root.

The female drummer who has before now been shrouded in stardom mystery, gave a glimpse into her lifestyle, philosophy, and music, in this interview, as she awaits the official release of her hot single titled: Are Ayo on the 15th of November 2023.

Let’s start by asking, who is Olo?

Olo is a very daring young lady, I am opinionated. I have very strong believe in my Africanness. I am very strong about what I believe in. A lot of my friends are trying so hard to be western because they didn’t realise that they can also be sophisticated with African culture, with African way of life.

Olo is a rebel. I’m very rebellious. I hate following what everybody does. I decided that I was not going to be like all my friends. None of them can dance better than me anyway, name it, hip hop, rap. But I will rather invest my talent in African culture,because that’s what truly belong to me. Western culture does not belong to me. That’s why I decided along with my entertainment company Atunda Entertainment to do what it’s unusual.

There were so many female talking drummers, but I decided to play bata because bata is a little more complicated. That’s because it has 3 faces to it and you have to be more coordinated to play it. You also have to be strong because it requires energy! Olo is a singer, a powerful choreographer. I must say that about myself because that is true. I am a percussionist, a top-notch drummer. You have to be top-notch to play the bata. That’s who Olo is.

What can you say about the brand Olo?

Olo means somebody delicate, very simple and the brand is about showcasing the best, polishing and showcasing the best of African culture to the world.

Let’s talk about your music what kind of music do you play?

It’s Afro pop with a heavy bata influence.

When did music find you?

From birth I guess. I have been singing and dancing in the bathroom since childhood. I used to think and believe that I was a star in my bathroom. Especially when I was under the shower and my mom used to come and tell me to stop disturbing everyone in the house. And when I got carried away with my dancing, I usually stuck out my tongue, though I usually don’t know when I do it. Whenever I’m dancing or when im on stage, I’m a totally different person. However, I’m a very private person but when I’m on stage, I’m a warrior. I actually don’t see anyone while I’m on stage. I only see myself, I see what I’m enjoying. So, I started as a bathroom singer and dancer.

What makes you so unique?

Being the only female choreographer, dancer, bata player and singer, makes me stand out. As you are likely to know, most artistes are just singers, but being a singer, a percussionist and a dancer-choreographer is quite unique, and those are some of the unique things about me.

How about travel and exposure?

I travel everyday. I am a dreamer. I dream of performing in USA in Europe and all over the world. Travel is part of my hobby and I expect to sell my music to the world.

Any plans for music collaborations?

Well, I have received so many offers from so many artistes, different genres of artistes, but one particular one caught my fancy, Michel Montano. We are in the studio. We should be releasing a song in December. It will be the first ever collaboration between a Carribean calypso star and a top-notch African female drummer! Montano is the biggest calypso performer in all of the Carribean. So watch out for the production. The single should be out in December.

Tell us a bit about the collaboration and the kind of song we should expect in December

It’s a fusion of Afro music, afrobeat, amapiano and calypso. It has something from South Africa, West Africa, and that’s because Amapiano originated from South Africa, then afrobeat, and then calypso. Expectedly, it will capture the attention of the whole of Africa and the sixth region.

What inspired the song?

I had a performance at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort and Michel Montana was in attendance. He requested to collaborate with me to do a song. He said that whenever he closes and opens his eyes, all he sees is Olo. He said that he had never seen such energetic performance, that he had never experience those three drums and the dance. That he was immediately inspired by the Africanness and then the dance, the cosmopolitan, classic presentation of African culture.

Now about your single coming out this month November 15, do you have a special dance for it?

Yes, I do. The dance is called Jamije! Watch out for it. You will certainly like it.

Is there any other thing that you will like to add?

Nothing much except that you should watch out because a new Sheriff is in town!

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