Pastor Paul Enenche Is My Spiritual Father  – Vera Anyim

Police woman, Vera Anyim, whose certificate was under question during a church testimony in Abuja recently, has declared that, despite the error of judgement, Pastor Paul Enenche remains her Spiritual Father!

Vera Anyim took to her facebook page to flaunt her photo with the Pastor and wife, Pastor Paul and Dr. Mrs. Becky Enenche, after a meeting yesterday.

Vera called for peace expressing gratitude to her spiritual father and wife for the meeting, relating her commitment to the church, Dunamis, which she has been attending.

She called on the general public to put the issue behind them, as she has moved forward.

“I have put the situation at my back and I have moved forward and I want everybody to do the same. Peace.”

Pastor Paul Enenche in preserving the sanctity of the altar, had during the said testimony, warned members of the church not to lie at the altar. In Vera’s case however, she did not tell a lie, she actually has a certificate, which authenticates her testimony.

“Whatever happens, Pastor Paul Enenche, remains my spiritual father,” said Vera, in another similar post.

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