Trouble looms as Ijaw Youth Group says no more gas flaring

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), says its ready to tackle the issue of gas flaring by international companies in the Niger Delta region.

A statement from the new President of the council, Dr Alaye Theophilus, states that, the group will defend the above position because gas flaring and venting has been a significant environmental, economic, health
and social concern for the people of the region for many years.


The 9th president of the Ijaw nation, said that:

“We are in an era where policies of the government are anti-Ijaw and undermine our collective contribution to national sustainable development.


“I must state it clearly that we will no longer condone incessant gas
flaring and lackadaisical practices of the IOCs that has cost us a lot as a
people. We shall strive to maintain the stability in the council and the
Ijaw nation under my leadership,” he added.

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