UK based Princess Mary Ikpeme Erete Reveals Plans For KAMP Afrika, YATE, global camp programmes

Princess Iquo Mary Ikpeme Erete, a Doctor of Natural Medicine, is in Lagos, Nigeria. She paid a courtesy visit to Tourism Icon, Otunba Wanle Akinboboye, at his sprawling 64 acres of beach front at Ibeju-Lekki, known as, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, where she came face to face with the wonders of nature.

Bewildered, enchanted and enthralled, she shares her plans for Kamp Afrika and Youth African Tourism Expedition (YATE) with us. Two Tourism Products launched in recent weeks to boost the tourism industry across the world, by Otunba Wanle Akinboboye.
Hello madam sorry to interrupt you. How are you doing?
I’m doing very well, thank you!
Excellent. May we know you?
Yes, of course, my name is Princess Iquo Mary.
It’s a beautiful name!
Thank you!
Tell us about what you do?
I am a Doctor of Natural Medicine. I am into Integrative Medicine and Natural medicine.
Interesting, so, it is nature, something about nature?
With allopathic medicine the ingredients are sourced from nature so all I do integrate nature into all I do. With the medicines, the Doctors prescribe the healing source is from nature itself.
Is nature common among this younger generation, or is just for the older generation?
Nature was an everyday practice for the older generation, meanwhile the younger generation specifically teenagers are more disconnected. YATE will help the younger generation, to know who they are, it gets them connected to who they are to each other and enlightens them in ways they2d never dreamed about.  
So basically what do you say? Is it that the older generation that are quite familiar with nature have destroyed it today, right?
With humans requirements nowadays it has unfortnately causwedd the decline with our World.
And then the younger generation that are totally disconnected from it will do a lot of damage because, they absolutely have no affinity, no prospect with the nature right?
They don’t even have a clue! Back in the days, let’s say we got a few to get them to see themselves there. You know, you go to your grandparents or your parent and you will find concoctions that will heal this ailments and we use those things for the drugs. What we are doing today is building more, we are consuming more everything is excessive and is burdening our planet as we know it.  We are more inclined to distract ourselves from life in this unatural World.  The devices, social media, thechnology itself is kepping the youth away from naure I believe.
So, you are basically saying we are in trouble, with global warming, because the younger ones are the owner of today and tomorrow.
But they are disconnected from nature, and that is the point of discussion.
They definitely are, they don’t even think about nature at all unless a selfie is involved. Nature is where you get your food from the water, basics, the sunshine during the day, the heat, vitamin D. That’s the reason why we have more children that are more sickly. I wish to help them to adopt healthy habits for their bodies and minds hope they have healthy habits and I mean to get this to work. It was my female intelligence that we’re trying to use to head back to the beginning, back to the basics bacck to Mother nature .
I think you have a huge task ahead of you to be the champion of this.
I think the big problem we have is that those in the continent of Africa are disconnected from nature and not to talk of the Africans in Diaspora and a lot of Africans. 
So you believe we can begin a movement that will re-focus them?
Definitely. Most definitely in fact when we start bringing people back to nature, they will see how the climate is. How happy they are. And how much it helps, and how much free it is. And they can achieve to learn, learn things there is so much to educate yourself with in nature. Yes definitely I believe they will just love it. They will come back to tell their friends, there will be coming back here and there are several activities that they are going to participate in, see natural products and herbs and see things. Yes, it’s going to be great fun and not only that there’s going to be sections, there will be meeting for all other kinds of people and there is a camp age, which is between 15 to 40. So within that group, you got business, there will be different things to evaluate at Kamp Afrika or a YATE programme. And most importantly, they’ll all love the herb.
So where is this going to be based? Are you based in Nigeria. 
O my goodness! It is not just in Nigeria. We are everywhere in Africa and also the Caribbean itself! The youths will be more interested when you go to get herb, you make tea and so on. Too much fun that they can work for and that is it.
How long do you expect the camp to be for?
Basically we recommend two (2) weeks. It will be a life changing experience!
Have you talked with any of USA organizations, UNICEF, UNESCO, because we believe this is necessary, what you are embarking on is a big task no one has talked about. The disconnection of the younger generation from nature. 
We definitely will, and you know when you are connecting 2 or more countries, it will get us to meet different cultures and there will be music, excitement, happiness and they go around with different people.
I hear music, so meaning it’s going to be nature and fun.
Yes, fun. It’s African culture so there will be songs, drum and music. But with seemingly different activities.
Oh excellent. So we connect with nature and fun, the younger generation will really enjoy it in whatever they do.
Yes, they don’t understand the concept of nature but after this, they will be eager to say something. Yes fun, truly educational, connection with others, connection with self, is really important. The rest are exterior distraction the world has to offer them. Now they will be connected to everything.
So global warming organisations can also sponsor children and young people to Kamp Afrika and YATE, because it could be said that it is beneficial for them, so that the younger people can start thinking of the vision of nature.
Most definitely, We will do what we need to do. All nations will get involved because the global warming is the issue right now, isn’t it. If some people go away loving what they want, it will make a part in their surroundings. You know how many people are going to be informed in this, and part of how much we conserve.
So, will we have adults that will want to join your camp. From 50 year old upwards? Or will you throw them out?
(Laughs) If people of 50s come they will be the talk of everywhere, so they can come. But the camping will be done for different age groups.
It’s a big task. I wish you all the best but you are going to be building a huge team around you because, i think this should have branches all over the world. 
It is happening in Europe and America and ultimately we will be in different cultures in all the camps. And we will be on point to learn more about culture. So they can enjoy top fun with learning different things about nature.
For the African in Diaspora, those who were born in the USA, they will have an opportunity to experience nature and their culture. So killing two birds with one stone. Along with entertainment. There will be dances you know, different dances from all of Africa. It could be so life-changing, exclusively life-cchanging. And everybody is welcome.
So, it’s strictly going to happen in natural environment, no 5 star hotel?
No, definitely no. No no no no… It is going to be out in the world, of course it’s save. We will meet in the real world. And it will be nice.
Thank you madam. Wish you all the best.

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