Wal-Wanne Foundation and Slickace Hosts Career Readiness Training In Lagos

Photo: L to R: Akinkunmi Awotundun, Joseph Ogundare, Victor, Gbemi Ajide, Alhaji Abiso Kabir, Damilola Osikoya, Mark Onoja and Richard Obi


Slickace in partnership with Wal-Wanne Foundation and Switch Visuals Production held a Career Readiness Training In Lagos targeting youths. The event took place at the prestigious Lagos Continental Hotel at Victoria Island, Lagos, last Saturday.

The well attended event offered a comprehensive programme to equip participants with essential skills and competencies to enable young people to excel in their careers.

The training modules covered how to enhance critical thinking skills by learning to analyse information, evaluate arguments, and make informed decisions by exploring problem solving techniques and logical reasoning.

It also covered personal effectiveness, how to strengthen personal effectiveness with modules, on time management, goal setting, resilience building, and stress management techniques.

Digital technology was another area touched as the training explored key concepts in technology, cyber security basics, data analytics, and emerging technologies.

A youth corper who travelled all the way from northern Nigeria to attend the Lagos seminar, said, it was a rewarding time out at the event. “I am personally impressed by the easy delivery of the modules by each speaker. I have indeed benefited from the lecture on mastering the art of crafting impactful CVs. Now, I can tailor-made my resume to different job opportunities, highlighting my skills and achievements so far.”

Speakers for the day were: Mr. Richard Obi, who presented a lecture on CV writing. Mr. Mark Onoja spoke on digital technology, Mr. Joseph Ogundare made a presentation on critical thinking and problem solving, Mr. Richard Obi spoke on personal effectiveness while Mr. Akinkunmi Awotundun and Mrs. Damilola Osikoya spoke differently on communication skills.

Mr. Joseph Ogundare, who spoke with our reporter after the event, said that, as an internet professional, this event is important because this program gives the youths a guide to being a professional. An ability to learn is what also makes the difference.

Alhaji Abiso Kabir of Walwanne Foundation a co-sponsor of the event, had this to say: “The purpose of today’s event is to gather the youths, give them training, and help them to get employment, white collar jobs. But we also teach them to have vision and be self-reliant in society. We want to train them in a way that they will be able to represent themselves in society.

“Yes, we have started here in Lagos, but we are going to have another one in Abuja, and also Maiduguri and all other parts of the nation. It is our responsibility to work and bring out the excellence in our youths. The time to work on this, is now as the rate of unemployment is high, so we are trying to see how we can push the youths, so that they can be able to see how to acquire more knowledge from this programme and gain good employment.

Gbemisola Ajide (Slickace Ltd) said the purpose of organising the training seminar is to give youths the opportunity to learn, network, and equip them with essential skills for career success.

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