About the Ibo family who took solace at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort 

He’s 47, Mazi Uche Uzodinma and his family of six, has taken over one of the luxury duplex apartments at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, for the yuletide period.

Mazi Uzodinma said it has been one of the hardest but best family decision he had to make in recent times. But now he is enjoying it.

According to him since he attained a youthful age, it has been all work. With an importuned humble parents, he sought out to fend for himself early in life and over the decades, he was able to build and grow a business that today rakes in profit in excess of millions of naira.

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As a title holder in his community, it has always been customary for him to spend Christmas Season and the first few weeks of the New year in his village in Abia State.

“But this year,” said Mazi Uzodinma, “there has been too many issues in my village. There have been land grabbing issues involving families, incessant community fights over boundary issues, chieftaincy issues and I wouldn’t want my children to be caught in the crossfire. Also I was not sure of the state of the road. So my wife and I had to consider spending Christmas holiday elsewhere.”


So how did you arrive at the choice of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort?

“We initially wanted to go and spend the time at a hotel in Lekki. But few days later, I saw the photos of this resort in some online stories, which I showed my wife and I told her to take my 6 year old son with her to go and look the place over. She brought back report that the place is nice. That’s why we came here. And since we arrived for the Christmas holiday, no regrets.

One of his children waved at us from inside the pool, close to where we are sitting in the open, on the lawn overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. He came out of the pool, leaving his siblings there as he hurried out to answer his father’s call.

“Here’s my son, Osigwe, he and my wife motivated us to come here.”

“I love this place,” said Osigwe.

So what have you enjoyed here?

“We have enjoyed the beach, the waves, the swimming pool, we have had several games, you can dance as much as you like and take photographs.  I saw monkeys, people fishing, birds, I like their food, music, horses, too many things, we went to the village.”

“Will you like to come here again?”

“Yes, every time.” Osigwe said looking into his daddy’s face for assurance.

Mazi Uzodinma said he specifically chose, the bamboo styled storey building by the Atlantic Ocean to lodge his family.

“The environment around the duplex, reminds me of the village. So I don’t think my children are missing our village much this year. You can see them they are so excited and their mother is taking photographs all over the beach.

“I didn’t realise that we needed a new environment for ourselves you can see them jumping about doing one activity or another.

“Now I know that as Nigerians, we don’t have to go only, to our villages every year for holiday. We can choose other places. We went inside the village here and we had fun. The children are already telling us to book this place again for Easter,” added Mazi Uzodinma.

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