AKS Set To Commercialise Governor’s Private Jet

… Among Other Cost Management Propositions

Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring good governance in Akwa Ibom State. One that will enable the masses in the state to benefit from governance. To ensure that this is achievable, the governor has made propositions to radically cut the cost of governance in the state.

Expantiating on this, Comr. Ini Ememobong, Commissioner of Information said that as part of the ARISE Agenda, the new policy direction could see the state commercialise its official private jet, a major u-turn from previous practice.

“The decision is predicated on the need for a drastic reduction in the cost of governance considering the volatile exchange rate, and the corresponding increase in the cost of maintenance. However, the aircraft will remain the state’s asset, but will be put to more lucrative use!”

As part of the above move, the Secretary to Akwa Ibom state government, Enobong Uwah, “will lead a consultation in the coming weeks into how the government can undertake effectively, a cost reduction management structure for the official jet, a move envisioned in part to free up more funds for capital projects, retain millions of earned forex in the state, as well as to bolster Governor Umo Eno’s reputation for being financially thrifty.”

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