Amazing! Jet Car Arrives For IPADA CARNIVAL Celebration 

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IPADA CARNIVAL is the annual event which aims to foster a connection between the African continent and people of African origin living in the Diaspora, who have largely become disconnected from the continent due to historical events.

● IPADA Celebration will present an international carnival celebration at the beach front.

● IPADA Celebration will present a kilometre long array of African food displayed on the beach front. Along with the best of fashion and style from 54 African countries; spoken words, and a search for the African answer to why the most wealthiest continent in the world is the poorest, at a symposium!

● IPADA Celebration will present Ose Awards, the honour of An African in the Diaspora that has made Africans proud, who will be awarded 21 chieftaincy titles, by 21 African first-class kings in a mega celebration.

● IPADA Celebration will present, Africa International Music Festival (AiM Festival) that will have artists from each of the 54 African countries as a central point, where people will experience African music from all over the continent in one location that will, eventually create a music encyclopedia where annually music teachers, music lovers, researchers, content seekers, tv/radio/movie producers can come and pick or choose African music from the 54 African countries.

● IPADA Celebration will present Nefertiti Queen of Africa Beauty Pageant, an event that will discover the most beautiful African woman on the planet, to be endowed with a plot of land in all the 54 African countries. She will also have investment opportunities in Corporations and companies throughout Africa.

● IPADA Celebration will present a business unusual where Africans in Diaspora will connect with their brothers and sisters in the continent to look at different business opportunities.

● IPADA Celebration is a powerful African renaissance that will also provide opportunities for Africans and lovers of Africa to connect, to chart a positive way forward for the continent.”

IPADA CARNIVAL 2024 / 2025 is partnered by:
The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Tourism

Lagos State Tourism

Ekiti State Government and Ekiti Bureau of Culture and Tourism

Local and international media.

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