Anchor Restaurant And Bar Brings Authentic Flavors And Vibrant Ambiance To Lekki

The bustling city of Lagos has welcomed a new addition of Anchor Restaurant and Bar, in the heart of Lekki, on lagos Island, making it the fifth in a chain of restaurants owned by Tamberma Group. Other locations being Abeokuta and Ibadan.
With the grand opening in Lekki, Anchor Restaurant and Bar, an Indian restaurant, promises to tantalize taste buds and satisfy all levels of patronage on the island and beyond.
The restaurant is a carefully curated Indian dining destination. An exciting venture aimed to showcase the rich cultural heritage of India through it’s diverse menu options.
The doors of Anchor Restaurant and Bar was declared open last Sunday by the Consular General of India, Shri Chandra Mauli Kern and wife Mrs. Neetu Kern, at a colourful ceremony that had in attendance Indian bigwigs and dignitaries among them: The HOC, Shri N Mahesh, SABHA Co-Ordinator Shri Pravin Kumar, Sindhi Samaj President Shri Anil Gopwani, Kerala Samaj President Shri Sheeju Prabhakaran, Indian Cultural Association President Shri Sanjay Jain and Vice President Shri Prakash Ramchandani, OFBJP President Shri Sanjay Srivasatav, Mrs Supriya Srivasatva, OFBJP VP Shri Dheerendra Chauhan, Shri Sabir Ali and Mrs Ulka.
The opening event was also attended, by some Nigerian politicians and corporate Nigeria.
The restaurant Promoter Mrs Rajni Kaki, and Chairman Mr Mohan Kaki, were also there to ensure a smooth take off of the restaurant and bar.
In an exclusive interview with Paul Ukpabio’s Blog, Mrs Rajani Kaki said that the Lekki located Anchor Restaurant and Bar, is the fifth branch they are having in Nigeria. “There are four other restaurants in Abeokuta and Ibadan.
Our restaurant is unique from every other one because of its quality and range of cuisine. We have African, Continental, Indian and also a range of sea food for those who love sea food.
“We have always wanted a key location where consumers would be able to sit freely, have a family outing, relax and view the sea side. A place with good view, and affordable, to sit and eat. The Anchor Restaurant and Bar provides these advantages, a good view and affordable food.
“We are friendly and we do not compromise on quality. That has been our key strength. We offer Nigerian foods like oha, edikaikong, white soup, groundnut soup, efo riro, gbegiri and so on. We look forward to more branches,” said Mrs. kaki.
To celebrate the opening, a holy lamp was ignited, a tradition that the Indian dignitaries took part in.
An excited Consular General of India, Shri Chandra Mauli Kern, later told us that, he is happy to grace the occasion and considered it a privilege to be at the event.
“I feel a positive vibe from the blue colour of the sea view and no doubt the business here will be successful. I wish Mrs Rajani Kaki, a successful woman entrepreneur, good luck as they journey in the business. Indian’s have a positive image. We come from a big country and I am happy that Indians in Diaspora are successful.
He spoke on the entrepreneurship of the Indians and general relationship that India and Nigeria has.
“We have a strong relationship with Nigeria in terms of enterprenurship, economy and social life, that is the reason why President Bola Tinubu was invited for G 20 submit recently and we have a vibrant relationship with cumulative investment of indian companies in Nigeria to the tune of 27 billion dollars. There are more than 200 Indian companies that are functioning profitably in Nigeria. I thank Nigeria for welcoming enterprenurship and also to note that Indian enterprenurship is providing employment opportunities to Nigerians. We pride ourselves as the second biggest employer after the Federal Government of Nigeria. I appreciate India’s effort in bringing opportunity to Nigeria.”
The Vote of thanks was done by both Chairman Mr Mohan kaki and Mrs Rajani Kaki. They thanked everyone for coming and for taking delight in savouring the Indian cuisines and drinks while having the feel of sea side view and cool live music band.
Anchor restaurant offers an inviting and contemporary atmosphere that seemlessly blends traditional Indian elements with modern touches, the restaurant boasts of an elegant dining area adorned with vibrant artwork creating a visually stunning backdrop for guests to enjoy their culinary journey. The menus at Anchor restaurant celebrates the rich Indian cuisine with a focus on authentic flavors.
Mr Mohan kaki gave his assurance that the guest will crave for more after the event, as the restaurant features a well stocked bar offering a wide range of handcrafted cocktail, India inspired drinks and carefully curated wine and spirit selection whether you are seeking a refreshing drink to complement meals or a vibrant nightlife experience.
Anchor restaurant and bar promises to deliver. With it’s grand opening, Anchor restaurant and bar injects the dining scene with an irresistible blend of authentic Indian flavors as food enthusiast eagerly await taste of the different variety of cuisines.
The restaurant and bar is indeed a cherished culinary gem in the heart of lekki, Lagos.

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