Asun Carnival 2024: How Atunda Entertainment Held Everyone Spellbound

* Ara Thunder in action

Asun Carnival 2024 will definitely not be forgotten in a hurry! And part of the credit for a good show, will go to the performance of Atunda Entertainment, founded by Tourism Icon, Otunba Olawanle Akinboboye.

This popular musical entertainment group gave a world class show, in an entertainment event that featured campus popular acts that eventually led to the superlative performances of the branded stars of Atunda Entertainment, Olo Omidan Bata, Tasha and Ara Thunder.

* Olo Omidan Bata

While the bata drummer, Olo Omidan Bata, enchanted her audience with the traditional drum beats of the bata, her dance steps ensured an extraordinary performance that shook the whole stadium.

Tasha’s performance which engaged the audience and held them glued to the stage for as long as he was there, confirmed that a good wine is in the taste. “Everyone was on the edge of their seats throughout the performance! Indeed a 5 star music performance,” said a music promoter at the event. * The winner of the Asun competition 

And if Tasha electrified the event atmosphere, then Ara Thunder, the celebrated female drummer, capped the evening with a world class performance that delighted everyone at the stadium.

* Tasha

Undoubtedly these are home made, but international stars! It could be recalled that the first time Tourism Minister, Mrs Lola Ade-John saw Ara Thunder’s performance on stage at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in Lagos, she gasped for breath and adopted the female drummer for her future tourism events’ showcase.

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