Courtesy Visit Strengthens Collaboration Between NCC and MCSN

The Director General of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), Dr. John Asein, welcomed the Chief Executive Officer of the Musical Copyright Society Nigeria (MCSN), Mr. Mayo Ayilaran, during a courtesy visit at the NCC’s Head Office in Abuja on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

The primary focus of the visit was to solicit for enhanced support from the NCC and engender stronger collaboration between the NCC and MCSN, with the shared goal of fortifying copyright protection for creatives, particularly within the music industry in Nigeria. Both leaders highlighted the importance of ensuring that owners of copyright receive the due benefits from their creative works.

Dr. Asein expressed his commitment to ensuring that Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) in Nigeria live up to expectation, particularly in delivering copyright benefits to their members and affiliates and being accountable and transparent in their operations. The Director General acknowledged the pivotal role that organizations like MCSN play in safeguarding the rights of composers, authors, publishers, performers and producers of music. He emphasized the need for a robust partnership to address challenges and advance the interests of the creative community, while pledging NCC’s continued support to the CMOs.

During the meeting, discussions centred on strategies to improve copyright protection mechanisms, foster fair compensation, and streamline regulatory frameworks for the benefit of rights owners. Dr. Asein pledged the NCC’s support in implementing measures that would bolster the creative industry and ensure that creators receive the recognition and financial rewards that they deserve.

The MCSN’s CEO commended the Federal Government and the NCC for the enactment of the New Copyright Act 2022 and underscored the significant impact which the Copyright Act would have on the creative industry by acknowledging its relevance and efficacy in addressing contemporary challenges emerging in the creative industries across the world. He commended the Director General for the steps already taken within a very short time in bringing to reality certain provisions of the new Act. Mr. Ayilaran pledged that MCSN would stand firmly by the NCC in the full implementation of the provisions of the Copyright Act while not slacking in its own role, as a CMO.

Both leaders prayed for continued peace and stability in the industry, while wishing the entire industry a prolific year 2024.

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