CSPSD Kicks Against Setting Up Of New National Security Body

The civil society for peace, security and development (CSPSD) has urged federal government, stakeholders and Nigerians to oppose the ill- intentioned bill which aimed at monopolising the country’s security apparatus at the detriment of the country.


While addressing journalists in Abuja, Tuesday, Co convener , civil society for peace, security and development (CSPSD), Obadiah Solomon said, the proposed act of the National Security Agency (NSA) to appoint staff as its deemed necessary and expedient for the proper efficient performance of the function of the office under national security Acts.


Solomon noted that granting the NSA, the power to independently recruit permanent personnel is tantamount to opening the door to political patronage and cronyism as well as potentially compromise the integrity of security operations in the country.


He stated that the insatiable ambition of the NSA and its strategies are no doubt averse to the synergy, coordination and collaborative platforms which ONSA is expected to avail security agencies.


Solomon added that, the office of the NSA does not have full autonomy and traditionally relies on staff from support agencies such as Army, Air Force, Navy amongst others on secondment.


The organization noted that the establishment of an independent agency by the national security adviser (NSA) to handle security matters in the country introduces the risk of creating a parallel platform to security issues in Nigeria.

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