Family TV programme ‘Tourism Half Hour’ is here with a bang!

Tourism Icon, Otunba Olawanle Akinboboye’s tourism product for week 21, ‘Tourism Half Hour’ is ready to go on air in the next few days.

While speaking at the release of the product penultimate week, Otunba Akinboboye had pointed out that, ‘Tourism Half Hour’ is a weekly television programme that focuses on Knowledge, Application and Fulfillment (KAF) in relation to tourism and the creation and growth of a tourism industry in Nigeria and Africa.

Tourism Half Hour among other things, will showcase and expand upon the 52 products being presented by him, in his weekly new tourism products, media presentation series.

The TV programme is designed to enlighten not only tourism practitioners and members of the public, but also government officials, who will gain a better understanding of the tourism industry and the products required to create a viable tourism industry for the continent. Which also will facilitate their ability to create an enabling environment for the African tourism industry to grow.

According to him, by featuring details about the tourism products in this programme, he hopes to ensure that more people are exposed to information on the tourism products and that such information is not solely reserved to those that have the opportunity to learn about them via the articles appearing in the media, over this period of time, but also opened to the general public.

Otunba Akinboboye who is the founder of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in Lagos; La Campagne Tropicana Forest, Hills And Caves in Ondo; Founder, Corporate Guards and many other establishments across Nigeria and Africa, said further that:

“We are set to beam African culture, hospitality and tourism to the world. Tourism Half Hour will feature visits to various tourists attractions in Africa, during which suggestions would be made on the tourism products that could be offered within such attractions with a view to transforming them into tourism destinations.”

Otunba Olawanle Akinboboye whose organisation, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, got an allocation of a vast land space of 100 acres in Antigua and Bermuda, to replicate his African themed resort in the Carribeans, said that, “Tourism Half Hour’ will export the numerous cultures of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, to the Carribeans, where a sizeable number of Africans also dwell.

Otunba Akinboboye assures that, ‘Tourism Half Hour’ will be educative and entertaining. And a required-watch for anyone who is interested in tourism, whether as a spectator or participant. The programme will be on air for the Easter celebrations on several foreign and local television stations. It will also be on Atunda TV and available on YouTube and other online partners platforms.

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