German Medical Practitioner Dr. Oscar Wamba commits to UNIPGC Regional Action Plan

… On Primary Healthcare for Sustainable Development in Africa

Dr. Oscar Wamba, a German medical practitioner, has pledged his support to the UNIPGC Regional Action Plan, focusing on primary healthcare as a cornerstone for sustainable development in Africa. He underscores the importance of addressing the global health challenges faced by vulnerable individuals and those living in isolated areas, viewing these efforts as critical to achieving sustainable development goals.

Dr. Wamba is dedicated to enhancing the accessibility of healthcare services and is eager to join forces with medical professionals worldwide to overcome obstacles such as inadequate infrastructure, scarcity of equipment, limited internet connectivity, and poor electricity supply that impede the delivery of healthcare in distant locales. His fervent dedication to tackling these issues is pivotal for ensuring that at-risk groups receive vital health services.

The UNIPGC is committed to confronting the social determinants of health, acknowledging their significance in augmenting the overall health and wellness of communities. Embracing innovation, the organization promotes the adoption of telemedicine and decentralized healthcare systems to broaden the reach of medical care to underserved regions. Investments in such innovative solutions are instrumental in driving progress toward health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Under the auspices of UNIPGC’s African sector, Dr. Wamba is spearheading a series of healthcare initiatives in Nigeria, serving as a pilot for future projects. These initiatives include the restoration of deteriorating primary healthcare centers, the establishment of advanced medical facilities for retired armed forces personnel, and the construction and outfitting of new primary healthcare centers in remote communities.

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