Gov Umo Eno Cries Out As Daily Visitors Overwhelm Govt House

In Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, it seems many of the politicians and people,  are still bathing in the euphoria of election-campaign-happy-hour!
We have heard and witnessed queues of individuals and groups of people, endlessly hanging around the corridors of power, just to sight, speak or have a handshake with the governor.
Well, after weeks of endurance, the amiable, humble Governor Umo Eno, has cried out, “please let me do the work you have elected me to do!”

The Governor conveyed the message at a monthly event in the state, where he also chose new dates to receive visitors.


“I like to please appeal to all of us the elites, since we resumed, we’ve tried to open our doors to receive as many people as we can, and that was to show goodwill. But you know, as I leave here I’m going to the office. As I get to the office now, I will only receive visitors on Thursdays and Fridays.
“I beg us, between Mondays and Wednesdays, I will not receive visitors so as to allow me time to do the job that you have elected me to do, because no one will ask how many visitors I received at the end of 4 years. They would ask what we did.
“And when you come to see me, please make it brief. Please, we would serve you, we would serve everybody, we are here to serve, but please, part of the service includes our bending down, reading, and making sure that we read through the lines, (and) we do the actual work,” the governor added.

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