IPADA CARNIVAL 2024: Creative African Stage Designer Required for a Unique Assignment

We are looking for a creative African stage design company or individual to conceptualize and construct an ‘African’ stage that will provide a platform for various experiences during a world – class African themed event scheduled to hold over a period of 2 weeks during the last quarter of 2024.

It is envisaged that this stage will amongst other things, represent the 54 countries of the Continent and showcase Africa’s rich heritage and culture.

The stage will be located on a beach front within a Resort. It is envisaged that the stage will not be more than 100 x 100meters wide and have a maximum breadth of 50×50. It is also envisaged that the stage may be dismantled after the event.

The event for which this unique stage is required is the IPADA carnival, which celebrates a global return to Africa of people of African descent and lovers of Africa.

The stage at the Ipada Carnival will be utilized for the following events :

The Africa International Music (AIM) Festival showcasing live music from the 54 Africa countries.

The Ose Awards celebrating the contributions to mankind of an individual achiever of African ancestry.

NEFRATITI, the Queen of Africa Beauty Pageant which is designed to showcase the beauty and talent of women of African ancestry globally.

It is expected that the stage created will depict the overall ambiance of the event and its close connection to Africa.

The stage will be required to represent the essential elements and feel of the continent. It is also envisaged that the stage will contain sections that focus on and can be used for specific segments of the carnival.

Tenders for this exciting assignment should specify, with evidence, why you / your company can do the work required and provide details of other ( similar) assignment handled by you / your company . The tender document should also include a preliminary design concept (based on the information provided ) and the estimated cost of such design . However it is fully understood that this design is very much a preliminary concept which based on discussions with the organizers may be modified or changed.

1. Tender Submission will open by 5th of June and close by 5th of July.
2. Tender Award will take place by 10th of July 2024 .
3. It is envisaged that stage construction will take place over a 2 month period , and that the stage will be ready for its first test run by 15th of September 2024 .
4. A second test run of the stage will take place on 15th of October 2024 with the final test run occurring on 15th November2024.
5. The stage will be in use for the event from 29th November to 8th December 2024

Please send any enquiries or questions you may have in relation to the design brief to info@ipadacarnival.com, which is also the e – mail address for submission of Tenders .

We look forward to receiving tenders that incorporate innovative and unique design concepts .

The selection process is designed to ensure that only the best is chosen.

We also assure you we will only use a design concept that emanates from the Tenderer selected.

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