It’s Time For Games At La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

All work and no play indeed makes Jack a dull guy and makes Jane a dull lady! That is why La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort has over the years taken time to invest in different games that keeps the body healthy and wealthy.

The 65 acres beach resort has available, ready to use standard Lawn Tennis court, Volleyball court, Basketball court and a carpeted football field along with several swimming pools that can accommodate several sporting activities that you can choose from this Christmas holiday season.

But apart from the regular traditional sports, creative games are also regularly available for guests. Like it is said at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, there’s indeed a game in every human activity.

We spoke to a few young adults who had come in a group and were so thrilled with exciting games.

We see that in the last three hours, you have been on to one game or another. Tell us more.

“I am Nkechi and we are all here on a Christmas outing. We have already told ourselves that coming out here is all about fun. We are all young people who have worked throughout the year, we feel this is a good opportunity to catch some fun. So we carefully selected games that will ensure participation from all of us. No one is left behind.

So which game did you just have?

We had a game where we all had a balloon on our chests and placed it on the back of the person in front of us, on a single line, holding each other and walking so the balloon does not fall down. If the balloon bursts or falls down, the person is out of the game. We had other games before this one too.

Thank you Nkechi. Now sir, which game did you participate in?

First of all, my name is Emeka Anya, I participated in many. However in this last game, we used our teeth to carry a paper cup with wine inside, and then we run with it on the sand to drop on a table by the beach. The rule is that, the wine in the cup must not pour (laughs).

But how is that possible?

Well, that’s what the game is about. Though my group lost, but it was great fun. We had opportunity to laugh and drink the wine in the cup too.

To Shade Owoeye, a member of the group that won the wine transporting game, she said it’s all about bonding.

“By the time we leave here that is, this resort, I am sure that we all will be better friends to one another. I think that’s what it’s all about, taking time out like this, builds relationships and friendship.”

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