IWD: Lion international District 404B2 Nigeria celebrates

Lion international District 404B2 Nigeria celebrated on Friday, with a one day symposium to mark the International Women’s Day.


The theme of the event was: Invest In Women, Accelerate progress to honor and celebrate the woman gender.


Members of the club turned up for the event in a large number, along with guests too. The District governor Lion (Prof) Emmanuel Dayo Fagbohun called the meeting to order, while Lion Roseline Ashade read out the lion international purpose, which remains, to organize, to coordinate, to create, to promote, to take, to unite, to provide and to encourage service minded people to serve their community.

* Lion Mrs Ololade Adewunmi

Lion Oluwatoyin Igbinoba took the Lion code of ethics, followed by the introduction of dignitaries to the high table by Lion Eribake. Dignitaries in the hall included, PDG Lion Kayode Isiaq Oshinuga , PDG Dr Christine Funke Adebajo, Lion Chief Mrs Sidikat Balogun, Lion Ayodeji Sebanjo, Lion Mrs Ololade Adewunmi, Lion Eribake, PGD TOS Adewunmi.


The committee chairperson Lion Ololade Adewunmi presented her welcome address, invest in women Accelerate progress. She said, “as we celebrate Women’s Day, women should always make an impact. We need to speak up, share ideas, let your presence be known and felt, always be proud of yourself, your voice matters, don’t be afraid to make your voice heard and known. We should endeavor not to limit one’s potential and break all limits.  As women, let your worth be known. We should support our fellow women. Empowerment is not a solo journey. It’s a collaboration journey. We should learn to collaborate and work together. Let’s motivate ourselves. We should learn to uplift people and unleash one’s full potential which the world awaits to see.

In his opening remark, Lion (Prof) Emmanuel Dayo Fagbohun noted that it’s important to keep caring for the children and also teach them good ethics which they will not depart from, even when they go to higher education we should teach them, the young and those grown up, how the world is. As women, we should make our children free with us and make them our confidant, so that they will be free to tell us things.


Various speakers also delivered their short lectures which started with PDG Dr Christine Funke Adebajo. She spoke on errors in parenting and new generation parenting. She noted that, no doubt, women are the bedrock of the society. The children’s future is linked to their upbringing and any investment made on a girl child will accelerate her progress. The major problem we have is poor parenting, parenting is child rearing from birth.

PGD Kayode Isiaq Oshinuga, a past district governor gave the second lecture on Lionism mission. He cited examples of great women all over the world that has contributed positively, like Funmilayo Ransom Kuti, Queen Elizabeth of England, Dora Akuyuli, Margaret Tacha. He said when you educate a woman you educate the nation.


PDG Lion Yeye Modupe Dada, chairman Nigerian association of small and medium enterprise (NASME) who was represented talked about entrepreneurship and business opportunities, associated with NASME, which offers loans and grants.


The event ended with awards given to individuals and Members for their reputable work In the community.

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