Lagos Country Club Hosts Tesano Club Of Ghana

It was a historic moment when last week Saturday, famous family club, the Lagos Country Club, located in Ikeja, Lagos, hosted the visiting Tesano Club of Ghana.

The visit among other things, is to Foster friendship, cultural exchange and healthy competition among the two clubs.

The two clubs engaged in cross country sports activities and interaction. They engaged in friendly games for which Lagos country club is well known for.

Lagos Country Club is also known for it’s rich history and diverse sports offerings providing a great venue for various sports activities.

The ceremonial events kicked started with the Aerobics games which was fun in an engaging way, to incorporate cardiovascular exercise. These games were designed to improve overall fitness while promoting a sense of community and teamwork which was followed by different sports activities at various sections ranging from table tennis, squash, swimming, snocker, Scrabble, Darts, Ludo and Ayo which had the two clubs competing with each other in the friendly games.

The game became more fun filled with a 5 a-side soccer competition. When asked, some members of Tesano Club of Ghana said they were happy about the warm welcome, the good food and the event has been fun filled and were happy visiting Nigeria.

Mr Babajide Egbele, the sports secretary of the club spoke on the event and experience so far.

“Being a sports secretary of Lagos Country Club has been challenging. The first sport secretary raised the bar, so I have no excuse to fall short. What we are having is the first of it’s kind, an international club, Tesano club, a foremost club in Ghana, visiting us for the first time. Last year we were in Ghana. They hosted us. We are trying to form a friendship to co-habit. So far, it’s been good. They are amazed at our facilities which are top notch and we are looking at areas we can use to assist to develop recreational sports, like a partnership, whereby members of Tesano club, can make use of our club facilities, whenever they visit, and vice versa. They have enjoyed themselves and it’s been competitive they have been commending us that we are good. Above all, it’s about friendship, networking, recreation, family and socialising. It’s not about going to hospital all the time, you socialize and have sports in your day to day life. With that, hospital will be limited in ones life.
“Also the President of Lagos country club has been the most supportive president bringing harmony and supporting sport and social harmony. The event ended with a victory ceremony and reception.”

The sporting activities were rounded off with a 5 a-side football match. And Lagos Country Club beat Tesano Sports Club by 5 – 2. However, in a gesture of ‘collaboration over competition’, the President of Lagos Country Club, Mr. Seyi Adewunmi presented the winning trophy to Tesano Sports Club.

The Chairman of Tesano Sports Club, Patrick Arthur, thanked the President and members for hosting them to sports and socials.

“This is the first time we are playing 5 a-side football in any competition,” he said. It is something new to us. But next time, we would be better prepared to win.”

The football was followed immediately with a party where members interacted as they wined and dined.

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