Marriage of fishing, breakfast, African music, dance and fun

By Paul Ukpabio

The Breakfast show came alive at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos this morning in another dimension.

To accommodate the huge number of guests that chose to holiday at the beach resort, the beach front was the eventual choice for this morning breakfast show.

By 7am, breakfast was ready right at the water front, the beach shoreline, with the cool ocean morning breeze, welcoming diners to their tables.

Expectedly, the resort lodgers were anticipating what next to expect from the ever imaginative management of this 65 acres beach resort, as they sat with open minds as they watched the resort staff move around trying to pamper them to the fullest.

They have come to know that, they do not just come out to eat breakfast, they actually come out to eat, enjoy a show which they also star in it!

At other times, they have had breakfast by the lagoon with various sports going on around them, people learning to ride the kayak, others going on boat cruise before or after meal, others over joyed after a good meal join Atunda Entertainment band in the morning African music drumming gyration, and so many other opportunities to exercise the body at breakfast.

This morning, the show was laid out on the Atlantic Ocean waterfront.

And perhaps it’s necessary to stress this here that, these breakfast shows are exclusively tailor-made at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, the unique God given natural environment, addressed, re-dressed and maintained over the years by the beach founder, Otunba Wanle Akinboboye, presenting nature’s best showcase of different marriage opportunities for special meal moments at this nature’s paradise.
* Otunba Wanle Akinboboye

And so, the stage is set and the show begins with guests opting for their choices from the well laid out Kings and Queens buffet at the beach front.

A unique number of activities is ongoing at the same time as right before the dining guests, the local fishermen go to work with about hundred of fishing boats saturating the Atlantic Ocean water, professionally calling out the fishes from the under-belly of the ocean.

For most of the core city dwellers, children, youths and cosmopolitan corporate executives, that are La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort guests at breakfast today, most of them confess that this is the first time they have come so close to real life fishing activities as done by core fishing professionals.The nets are long and strong, wide enough to cover a wide distance of the ocean and it technically needs a machined powered canoe or boat as the case maybe, to take the net out into the sea, where it is left there for a while to attract fishes into the net.

The several number of boats sitting on display this morning on the ocean, creates a picturesque that is purely African, away from noise, pollution of the city and confirms La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort as a place to get that get away holiday that refreshes the mind and body.

The Breakfast show is still on, with Atunda Entertainment taking guests through the different regions of Africa, with native songs from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia and so on. The guests identify with this musical gyration and from time to time, a guest jumps up suddenly to dance to the intense compelling beats of the African drums.

An amazing sight indeed because, before or after you have taken your meal, you can create your own show within the main show. While others, take to dancing, others go straight to the beach shore, to swim or just splash water on their bodies, or swim or play and then come back for orange juice, because the breakfast is not over, until it is over!

The Breakfast show is still on as the fishermen’s net has caught overwhelming number of commercial fishes! How do I know or how do they know this within so short a time?

It’s natural instinct and an experience gained over years of living, growing in this natural habitat. Added also to knowledge passed on by their ancestors!So, the guests have a once in life time opportunity to watch the fishermen at work as they bring home their fish haul from the Atlantic Ocean with ease. Ofcourse with a little strain of work too!

Yet the show is not over, because all these scenes are so entertaining yet involving, to the point that the guests curiosities to see the fishes reaches the highest point. And guess what, they also have an opportunity to buy the fresh fishes!

No breakfast around the world can compare to this!

Fresh Atlantic Ocean fishes at your feet, large prawns seen only in this setting at your feet and reachable and available for their purchase!

So you buy your fish, go back to breakfast table for an orange juice and then dance away the joy of the experience with Atunda Entertainment band.

Remember, it’s not just eating, not just breakfast, but a breakfast show with a unique, unforgettable experience!

* Purchased by guests

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