New 60 Seater Vessels, Boats, Arrive For IPADA CARNIVAL 2024 – 2025

It’s getting hotter, hotter and better! Upcoming IPADA CARNIVAL 2024 / 2025 is looking better by the day, with yet another major sign post, the arrival of two new 60 seater vessels and smaller boats on the Lagos water front.

It’s going to be travel made easy on water for returnees from the Diaspora, as they come home to celebrate IPADA CARNIVAL in November and December 2024 and 2025.

There will be so much to see. So much to participate in. Just remember that:

● IPADA CARNIVAL Celebration will present an international carnival celebration at the beach front.

● IPADA CARNIVAL Celebration will present a kilometre long array of African food displayed on the beach front. Along with the best of fashion and style from 54 African countries; spoken words, and a search for the African answer to why the most wealthiest continent in the world is the poorest, at a symposium!

● IPADA CARNIVAL Celebration will present Ose Awards, the honour of An African in the Diaspora that has made Africans proud, who will be awarded 21 chieftaincy titles, by 21 African first-class kings in a mega celebration.

● IPADA CARNIVAL Celebration will present, Africa International Music Festival (AiM Festival) that will have artists from each of the 54 African countries as a central point, where people will experience African music from all over the continent in one location that will, eventually create a music encyclopedia where annually music teachers, music lovers, researchers, content seekers, tv/radio/movie producers can come and pick or choose African music from the 54 African countries.

● IPADA CARNIVAL Celebration will present Nefertiti Queen of Africa Beauty Pageant, an event that will discover the most beautiful African woman on the planet, to be endowed with a plot of land in all the 54 African countries. She will also have investment opportunities in Corporations and companies throughout Africa.

● IPADA CARNIVAL Celebration will present a business unusual where Africans in Diaspora will connect with their brothers and sisters in the continent to look at different business opportunities.

● IPADA CARNIVAL Celebration is a powerful African renaissance that will also provide opportunities for Africans and lovers of Africa to connect, to chart a positive way forward for the continent.”

IPADA CARNIVAL 2024 / 2025 is partnered by:
The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Tourism

Lagos State Tourism

Ekiti State Government and Ekiti Bureau of Culture and Tourism

Local and international media.

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