Nigeria invading Niger could be a trap

... By Western World To Destabilise Nigeria 

By Paul Ukpabio

Warning sounds of possible war in neighbouring Niger Republic has been making the rounds after a successful military coup, took place in the country, July 28, 2023.

With the new Nigerian President currently occupying the ECOWAS seat as Chairman, Nigeria definitely by fate been put in a hot seat to play a role.

But which role is Nigeria going to play in this rather dicey, delicate situation?

And it is getting hot with the news that Nigeria and Niger has cut off ties!

We sampled the opinion of some Nigerians, to feel their pulse.

Below is what we got;

Nigeria 🇳🇬 does not have the military capability to invade anywhere until it concludes the invasion of its own invaded spaces !

– Amb. (Dr) Oamien Roy OKHIDIEVBIE (Retired military Veteran and security expert)

Niger: … Nigeria would have to apply the carrot and stick template : diplomacy and tough talking … we can not afford to sit on the fence … there is unverified report that some foreign powers are currently sponsoring coups in Africa … it is dangerous for us as a country … we do not want military rule in Nigeria .. we have recorded great milestones in our democratic process since the last 25 years … it is not perfect though … but there is no sit-tight president in Nigeria … so why military intervention … NO,we do not need military rule in Nigeria…

– Olorogun Elkanah Mowarin (Media mogul)

What for? For breaking ties with Nigeria? The most pathetic and painful aspects of the whole saga is our national resources wasted by Buhari on Niger while University lecturers in Nigeria were dying of hunger. Apart from the rail lines constructed from Nigeria to Niger, look at the SUV vehicles he donated to them. Till date, the eight months salaries of the lecturers are yet to be paid.

– Tayo Popoola (Associate Professor, University of Lagos)

Invading Niger to me is senseless idea, we have our own might problem unsolved we are still inviting more problems, that is what Fela called trouble sleep yaga go wake am

– Mr Gaffar (Security personnel)

I don’t think we should go and shed Nigeria young blood for no just cause

– Otunba Olusoga Basola (Publisher)

I think Nigeria should exercise restraint in this matter. We cannot afford to fight from all fronts. We currently need more diplomatic approach, not military might. With the porous nature of our borders that has witnessed massive incursion of terrorists and extremists from north of the Sahel; the over ,300,000 Nigerians currently living as refugees in Niger and of course Niger’s strategic role around the Lake Chad Basin area, Nigeria should really have a rethink before inviting more trouble to itself. Should we embark on this avoidable invasion, we should not be surprised if our francophone neighbours all join forces against us.

– From a female journalist covering the security news section

No, I don’t think Nigeria should get involve in Niger Republic affairs
The western Countries are trying to use Nigeria to do their dirty work in Niger

– Adebisi (Student)

It’s not right at all. It doesn’t make sense.

– Samuel Essilfie (Teacher)

Military action will not happen. The highest is closing the borders, cutting electricity, recalling back our ambassador, trade embargo, etc. Military action may require authorisation from the National Assembly and UN. I doubt if the NASS will give the go-ahead. Closure of borders, cutting electricity, and monetary transactions would have been enough to arm twist the juntas.

– Adamu (Security Expert)

Those are concerned, those whose duty is to look into it and determine are in the best position. Meanwhile, I feel it’s important to stop coup d’etat that is fast becoming a norm.

– Wole Adepoju (Journalist)


If Nigeria does that , Nigeria will understand that it does not friends but enemies in comity of nations. How cann you wage war against your brother in whose interests? Most other African nations will turn against Nigeria. This is a trap to destabilize Nigeria and cause war here.
Western world has been trying to break Nigeria, this is their plot to do that now in disguise!

– Stephen Ajayi-Osakue (Media/Pr)

Nigeria should mind her own business and face how to make our country Nigeria comfortable for us.

– Retired female security personnel

However, a statement from the Defence Headquarters signed by the Director of Defence Information, Brigadier General Tukur Gusau, yesterday, explained that the ECOWAS Heads of State and Government were still exploring other options.


“The attention of the Armed Forces of Nigeria has been drawn to an online report stating that the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) is assembling its forces for military action in the Republic of Niger.

“The AFN is yet to receive any order from the appropriate authority to commence military action, against the military junta in Niger.

“Military option would be the last option to be taken in case every other option fails to reverse the situation and return the Government of Republic of Niger to constitutional order,” the statement added.

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