NiMet Director Urges Nigerians To Stay Hydrated, Reduce Outdoor Activities To Combat Heatwave

The Director, Weather Forecast, Nigerian Meteorological Agency, Prof. Vincent Weli, has advised Nigerians to stay hydrated as part of strategies to survive during the period of excessive heat.

In an interview on Thursday, Weli stated that Nigerians need to also avoid outdoor activities, and that the government needs to declare a state of emergency in states experiencing extreme heat.

Weli said, “For those states that are affected, there is a need for a state of emergency to be declared so that people can stay out of work during this period, especially when the sun is very high.

“With high temperatures, cognitive development and productivity will be affected. There’ll be a loss of concentration. And so within this period of 12, 1, 2, and 3, people should be excused from duty. People should not work under the sun within the time period. Everyone who is vulnerable should not expose themselves to the sun.”

Weli further advised that people should stay hydrated, find shelter in green areas, and stop activities that will make them lose a lot of water.

“There should be a reduction in outdoor activities so that you don’t lose much water. A lot of people are going to the gym to work out and sweat. A lot of those activities should be reduced because the body system needs water. If you must go to the gym, you must provide enough water to replenish the system,” he said.

In a weather and climate update posted on its official X handle on Wednesday, NiMET said that the excessive heat being experienced in the country presently would remain for a while.

Nimet on Tuesday also disclosed that air temperatures hit 41°C over the North and 39°C over the South, with model projections indicating temperatures to remain high in the coming days.

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