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By Wale Ojo- Lanre Esq

Sunday 28th Day of April ,2024 , in the beautiful state of Ekiti, Nigeria, a momentous occasion took place that would forever leave a mark on the hearts of those involved.

The Chinese Consular-General in Nigeria, HE Yan Yuqing, embarked on an official visit to Ekiti State, accompanied by her team, to meet with the esteemed Governor, H.E Biodun Oyebanji. Little did she know that this visit would lead them to discover the breathtaking beauty of Arinta Waterfall in Ipole Uloro.

Governor Oyebanji had been tirelessly working towards positioning Ekiti State as a prominent tourist destination, and the Consular-General was delighted to witness his efforts firsthand. Eager to explore the treasures of the region, the Governor directed the Director-General of the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism, Amb. Wale Ojo-Lanre, Esq, to lead the esteemed delegation on a tour of Arinta Waterfall.

Accompanying them on this journey was Mrs. Damola Adeleye , the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Consular Relations. Her presence emphasized the importance and significance of this visit, as she played a vital role in facilitating the connection between Nigeria and China.

As they arrived at Arinta Waterfall, the Consular-General and her team were met with warm and enthusiastic greetings from Mr. Femi Agboola, the Managing Director, Roag International, the private company managing the Arinta Waterfall. Mr. Agboola’s hospitality set the tone for the remarkable experience that awaited them.

As they embarked on a guided tour, the delegation was awestruck by the majestic grandeur of Arinta Waterfall. The cascading waters, surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful rock formations, created a mesmerizing spectacle. The Consular-General and her team were left breathless by the sheer magnificence of nature’s creation.

Overwhelmed by the beauty before her, the Consular-General expressed her delight and admiration. She marveled at the untouched natural beauty and vowed to share her experience with the world, particularly within the global platform of China. The Consular-General recognized the potential of Arinta Waterfall and Ekiti State as a whole, envisioning a future where tourists from China would flock to witness the captivating wonders of this hidden gem.

Impressed by the tireless efforts of Governor Oyebanji, the Consular-General commended him on his vision and determination in promoting Ekiti State as a prominent tourist destination. She recognized the significance of such endeavors in fostering cultural exchange and creating mutual understanding between nations.

As the tour came to an end, the Chinese Consular-General and her team bid farewell to Arinta Waterfall, but the memories they made would forever stay with them. They departed Ekiti State with a renewed sense of inspiration and a shared commitment to further strengthen the ties between Nigeria and China through tourism and cultural exchange.

Their visit to Arinta Waterfall had not only left a mark on their journey but had also opened the doors to a promising future for Ekiti State as a thriving tourist destination. It was a testament to the wondrous beauty of nature and the power it holds in connecting people from different corners of the world.

The icing on the cake of their visit to Arinta Waterfall was when one member of the Consular – General’s team said the fall is capable of generating electricity. He promised to engage Governor Oyebanji on this.

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