Pastor Umo Eno Pioneering A New Israel In Akwa Ibom State

In Akwa Ibom State, the Executive Governor, His Excellency Pastor Umo Eno, is recreating the good heydays of the historic, biblical Isreal, where God placed the secular leadership of the state in the hands of a religious leader. And we can mention quite a number of them in the Holy book, the Bible.

And in those days, in the historic, biblical Israel, God was with His people, and the Lord used to come along into the midst of the people and worshipped with them. So many references, when Moses led the people of Israel.

Reports reaching us at Paul Ukpabio Blog States that, the glory of God descended at this temple, and worshippers could feel the presence of God in their midst.

Surely, there must be something good and pleasant that the amiable governor of Akwa Ibom State is doing, and which is also pleasant in the eyes of the Lord.

People speak of the aura surrounding the governor at secular office and when he is on duty as a church, Christian leader. He oozes the God- factor in an individual. He exemplifies and represents a true Man of God and his humility knows no bound. In his hands is a new found Akwa Ibom State, a land blessed by God for His own people.

With Pastor Umo Eno in the saddle of secular and religious leadership, nothing else but for all Akwa Ibomites and friends of Akwa Ibom to pray and rejoice that the Grace of God continue to rest and shine on the state’s resources, the Governor and the entire people of the state,  Amen.

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