“Perception: The Nigerian Narrative” To Be Unveiled Today

Perception: The Nigerian Narrative,” is set to be launched today, the 1st day of October, 2023.

The documentary which has been put together by a Nigerian creative director, Oluyinka Davids, is a thought-provoking feature-length documentary aimed to challenge and enrich global perceptions about Nigeria and its diaspora community.

The documentary takes viewers on an intimate journey to dissect both the positive and negative stereotypes that have shaped Nigeria’s reputation on the global stage.

“Perception: The Nigerian Narrative” unveils the multi-faceted reputation of Nigeria through a series of candid interviews with Nigerians living abroad. The documentary delves into the various stereotypes that have dented Nigeria’s image, such as corruption and fraud, while also highlighting the resilience, creativity, and invaluable contributions that Nigerians have made globally.

Oluyinka Davids revealed more about the documentary:

“By taking a nuanced approach, the documentary does not shy away from acknowledging the challenges that the country has faced. Instead, it emphasizes the human stories of resilience and ingenuity that often go unreported. The film is a compelling narrative that invites viewers to explore a more balanced and nuanced understanding of Nigeria and its people,” he added.

So why the documentary? Oluyinka Davids replied, “Nigeria’s reputation has long been a subject of global scrutiny, often impacting the Nigerian diaspora community disproportionately. “Perception: The Nigerian Narrative” aims to offer a different lens through which the world can appreciate the complexity and richness of Nigeria’s cultural, economic, and social contributions.

Kindly follow the YouTube official teaser link to watch ‘Perception’: The Nigerian Narrative’


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