Photo, That Is Making The World Cry, But Did The FA President Err?

By Paul Ukpabio

Just like most things about women (?), the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament has ended with great controversy. This time, emotional controversy, as unrelated with the act of kicking football itself, which FIFA is all about!

So what happened?

We all know that football is all about skills, awe, celebrations and excitement.

Most times in football, fans are so carried away by excitement that they do crazy things they ought not to have done or would dare not do, at ordinary times!

Even the football players also do things in football excitements that raises the eyebrow!

A case in point is that of Nigerian’s female football star Asisat Oshoala, who raised her clothes after scoring a goal.

Ofcourse the roof almost came down in her native country Nigeria! But when Ronaldo does it, no qualms! Hmm, topic for another day!

So, Spain won the final match, and as Jenni Hermoso collected her medal with all the heat of excitement flying all around the stadium, and all over the world, the Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales, congratulated her, spoke briefly with the football star and winner and placed a kiss on her lips!

what’s in a kiss?

Well, it has generated an uproar!

For which the Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales has to publicly give an apology!

“I feel regret.”

Was it a passionate kiss? That’s an interpretation! A kiss is a kiss! The Spanish President still in the heat of the football moment of great excitement, initially replied critics, by saying, it was merely:

“Two people having a minor show of affection” and that he will not take notice of:

“Idiocy,” refering to those who didnt feel good about his kissing act!

“The kiss with Jenni? There are idiots everywhere.

“When two people have a minor show of affection, we can’t listen to idiocies. We are champions and that is what stays with me,” he added.

Perhaps if it wasn’t the football spirit of excitement in him, he would have been more cautious and selective with his words of reply because most things about the female gender, is SENSITIVE and usually have much relationship towards WAR or ARGUMENT (?)… (another controversy? Do accept as in a lighter mood, no ill feelings meant)

And guess what? The excitement gesture of the football kiss, flipped!

Now, let’s pause a little, and reflect, how many times have total strangers who sit next to each other during a football match hugged each other in moment of football excitement after a goal?

Even at local bars, erstwhile enemies, declare free drinks for one another after their favourite teams score a goal!

Naturally an FA President is a great football buff! A natural lover of football and all the great things football does. If he gets carried away at the heat and peak of football excitement, he needs to be pardoned or overlooked.

In response, the football star had to go public! She simply said, “I did mot enjoy the kiss.”


Oh as far as she was concerned, it was a football moment of excitement kiss. It could have been with any other fan in a moment of football excitement and its that moment and its off! No thought, no emotion, no interpretation, just football moment of excitement!

Or what do you say? Did The Spanish FA President really erred? Did he goof? Should the kiss generate controversy? Should the kiss be misinterpreted?

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