South West is not part of your Biafra Republic – Gani Adams, warn Ekpa

The Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, Gani Adams is presently blowing hot, over what he has seen as provocation from Simon Ekpa, a factional leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Ekpa, knowingly or unknowingly, provoked Gani Adams, when he said the sit-at-home protest currently being enforced in the South-East will be done in Lagos State.

It could be recalled that the said sit-at-home is presently being challenged in the South East for causing loss of lives and income to the people.

Gani Adams cautioned that Ekpa who is not even based in the country,  should avoid “repeating the mistake of the 1970s,” and desist from his plans to stage an illegal sit-at-home protest in Lagos State.

Gani Adams warned that the South West is not part of “the Biafra Republic’ and as such, it was preposterous for “outsiders to dictate or impose their agenda on people of other regions who they cohabit with as residents”.


“I can’t go to the South East now and say I want to decide for the people of that region. So, it is not possible to import the South-East agenda into Yorubaland. It would be counter-productive. We advise him to drop that idea.

“He should not try that. The South West is not Biafra Republic. Any attempt to impose the Biafra Republic agenda will be resisted. He should desist from repeating the mistake of the 1970s. He should be very, very careful.

“They are entitled to their opinion, but South West is not their Biafran region. He should be very, very careful,” Gani warned Ekpa.


– with additional report from Tribune

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