Time To Paint A Masterpiece

There are so many beautiful things about La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, located at Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

But the part that is special to me, is the inspiration to creativity, that the atmosphere offers!

Oh yes, for other people, it is the usual well laid out cuisines. For others, it is the intriguing forest with monkeys jumping up the tree, and birds chirping nature’s songs of joy into the serene atmosphere. For others still, it is the multiple activities, horse-racing on the sandy beach, kayaking in the Lagoon, boat riding, nature watching, building homes for crabs on the sandy beaches and so much more.

Yet for others, it is the beauty of the luxury homes, the African themed concept of the resort, the blue ocean, the ever swaying hundreds of coconut trees at the beach front, the mangroves, the fishes in the ocean and lagoon, the private swimming pools, the longest swimming in the whole wide world with a palmwine bar, the tree houses, the power biking, the sporting activities, volleyball, basketball, football, table tennis, the gym, table games, and so much more.

This evening, we are just having fun and being creative. It is called Sip n Paint. You are served coconut, which in African culture is known for giving inspiration to creativity. So as you sip the coconut water, you paint any part of the resort right in front of you!

It doesn’t end there. You are allowed to sip from as many coconut as you may desire, especially if you are a great painter. And when you are done painting, there’s a celebration of the best and all who participated in painting, are allowed to take their paintings home with them.

Depending on how good a painting is, they are treasures that are much sought after, especially in the gathering of art collectors and connoisseurs!

You are invited! Come over and Paint a Masterpiece here. It could just be your gateway to discovery of a hidden talent and a discovery of your new gold mine.

– Paul Ukpabio is Nigeria’s Tourism Award Winning Writer Of The Year 2023

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