Tourism Minister Calls For Unity At African Youth Tourism Festival

Nigeria’s tourism Minister, Mrs Lola Ade-John has once again retereited the need to uphold the country’s unity, through the diverse tourism potentials available in the country.

The Minister pointed this out, in her keynote address, presented at the opening ceremony of the African Youth Tourism Festival 2024, in Lagos State.

“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I stand before you today… This event highlights the vibrant spirit of our continent and the importance of tourism in bringing us together for unity and sustainable development of the tourism sector,” said the Minister.

“Africa’s rich cultures, traditions, and natural wonders are treasures that can and will propel us forward. Tourism not only connects us as Africans but also boosts our economies and creates opportunities for all. It is imperative that we reflect upon the profound significance of embracing our cultural heritage and harnessing the power of tourism for the greater good of our nations.

“Africa possesses an unparalleled wealth that can serve as a catalyst for progress and prosperity. Tourism promotes unity by bridging differences and fostering understanding among people. It is not just about sightseeing; it is also about building connections and breaking barriers. Our continent is home to diverse ethnicities, languages, and customs and it is through tourism that we discover the common threads that bind us together as Africans.”

Minister Lola Ade-John, went further to promise, that she will throw the weight of her office towards sustaining tourism initiatives.

“The Federal Ministry of Tourism Nigeria, will support in ensuring there are adequate investments in people and infrastructure; the promotion of entrepreneurship, and safeguarding our natural environments. With this, we can unlock the full potential of tourism as a catalyst for socio-economic advancement,” she added

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