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By Emmanuel Nicholas

The success of many husbands often owes much to the fortunes of their wives, and frequently, a woman’s destiny can positively influence her husband’s success in life .

One of such example is Her Excellency, Pastor Patience Umo Eno, whose destiny has significantly elevated the prosperity and status of her husband.

She resembles a lovely flower exuding a sweet, understandable fragrance that envelops her husband like Arabian perfumes.

They crossed paths during the challenging tenure of Governor Umo Bassey Eno. She embraced love over materialism, envisioning a brighter future amidst what felt like Halloween hallucinations.

She was seamstress and fashion designer, Her sewing machine was given to her when they got married by her father.And the husband, at that time, was selling rice and stew by the roadside.

Through challenges and victories, side by side, Mrs. Umo Eno walks alongside him, comprehending his struggles and troubles. Her resilience and kindness flow steadily, nurturing his aspirations and every ambition.

Her providence shines upon her husband; starting from owning a roadside food stall, he progresses to managing catering services for Mobil’s offshore installations.

Following the contract with Mobil, he establishes the initial five-room hotel, which evolves into a thriving national enterprise known as the Royalty Group.

Some may wonder why I emphasize her fortune favouring her husband, as some individuals marry only to encounter hardship rather than blessings.

I recall a friend who tied the knot on a Saturday, only to be dismissed from his job the following Monday. For fifteen long years, He endured a tumultuous marriage without success.

Tragically, his wife suffered from blood pressure problems and passed away. Shortly after her death, he was unexpectedly rehired by the same company, receiving his full fifteen years’ worth of salary.

When he inquired about the reason for his initial dismissal, he discovered that it was a mistake originating from the company’s headquarters.

The company had mistakenly attributed his identity to another individual who had committed a wrongdoing within the organization and deserved to be terminated.

Pastor Mrs. Patience UMO Eno is an exceptional woman of virtue, blessed with extraordinary grace that specializes in promoting breakthroughs.

She has an aura which have helped propel the husband from being a bulka seller to becoming the Governor of a great State like Akwa Ibom.

In her eyes, Governor Umo Eno sees his worth, In her love, he finds his mirth, For she’s his partner, his truest friend, on her love, he can always depend.

Pastor Patience, a devoted wife, has consistently supported and shown love to her husband, providing him with emotional stability and companionship. This has had a positive impact on his mental well-being and overall happiness.

A happy man, supported by his wife, carries confidence and deep faith into his work, fueling his success despite any challenges he may face.

* Photo: When she was in the trenches with her husband, during election campaigns, the support was solid and total


With every smile and touch, she fills his heart with immense joy. Her presence is like a soothing balm, bringing him calm and comfort in her embrace.

Pastor Patience Umo Eno embodies the qualities of a virtuous woman, standing by her husband through life’s lowest valleys, to the highest peaks of glory.

According to Proverbs 31 in the Bible, a virtuous woman leads her household with integrity, discipline, and more.

Her virtues are dedicated to improving her husband’s life, nurturing her children, and serving God. This epitomizes the essence of a virtuous woman, a role that Mrs. Patience exemplifies.

She supports her husband in his endeavors and dreams, serving as his cheerleader and offering practical assistance to help him reach his goals.

During an empowerment programme for young women in Eket ,Mrs. Patience Umo Eno shared how she regularly fasts and prays to ensure her husband’s success.

Even when he is away on business trips, she dedicates her time on the prayer mountain, entreating God for his prosperity.

For 37 years, Pastor Mrs. Patience Umo and husband had walked hand in hand through life’s journey, witnessing the twists and turns of fate with unwavering faith and determination.

What began as a modest food vending business had blossomed into a thriving empire of hospitality, with Pastor Umo Eno now the proud owner of a chain of hotels under the prestigious Royalty Group brand.

From a humble five-room motel, their success had soared to encompass properties in all the major cities of Nigeria.

Their journey was not just one of material prosperity but also of spiritual growth. Moved by a deep sense of gratitude for the blessings they had received,

Governor Umo Eno and Pastor Patience felt compelled to give back to God in a profound way. Thus, they founded the Church of All Nations, a sanctuary where the weary could find solace and the lost could find hope.

Their avowed readiness in serving others with love and compassion did not go unnoticed. God, in His infinite wisdom, saw the sincerity of their hearts and the humility with which they carried themselves.

In a divine gesture of favour and reward system, Umo Eno was called to a higher purpose – to serve as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, a position of great responsibility and honour.

As Governor Umo Eno embraced his new role with grace and wisdom, Mrs. Patience stood by his side as the embodiment of strength and compassion, earning her the title of the state’s First Lady.

Together, they led with integrity, vision, and a deep-rooted faith in God’s plan for their lives and the lives of those they served.

Their journey from humble beginnings to greatness is factual that the Husband can shine through the shining light of his wife.

Governor Umo Eno and wife story became a pillar of hope for many, inspiring others to dream boldly, work diligently, and trust in the divine guidance that leads from dust to glory.

As you celebrate one-year anniversary of Governor Umo Bassey Eno’s tenure, recall that his destiny radiates brightly through the unwavering support of Her Excellency, Pastor (Mrs.) Patience Umo Eno, the visionary behind the Golden Era.

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