UNIPGC Rebrands, Adds New Colour 

The general public has been duely informed of the rebranding, restructuring and transformation of IPGC into UNIPGC.
The change in colour to Skyblue symbolizes the relationship with the United Nations and The global diplomatic missions of The International Peace and Governance Council (IPGC) which cascaded to UNIPGC following legal Collaborations, affiliations and  partnerships with various UN organizations.
The General public is thus kindly informed to take note of the changes as all operations including aims and objectives remain the same. Contents from previous website www.ipgcinc.org has been transferred to the new functional dormain www.unipgc.org
Thank you for your undiluted and unwavering Support as the organization remains firm and resolute in the popular mandates toward promotion and  implementation of the United Nations SDG goals.

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